• Event Cards will be introduced in “Destiny 2” Season 17
  • Each card will have a unique set of challenges every season
  • Cards will reward players with event-themed loot, seals and titles

Major changes to event activities and rewards in “Destiny 2” will be implemented with the launch of Season 17.

Bungie will make a slight rework to how events are approached by the community, as per their weekly blog, to make each annual event feel more engaging and special. The devs will be doing this via the introduction of Event Cards.

Starting with the Season 17 Solstice of Heroes event (which will simply be called “Solstice” from now on), an Event Card will be available from Eva Levante’s menu or the Quests tab in every player’s inventory.

Event Cards work similarly to the Seasonal Challenges tab. Each card will contain a list of challenges for players to pursue, which will reward them with unique event-related loot, seals and titles. Unlike seasonal challenges, all event challenges will be available from the start.

Guardian Games 2022 - Destiny 2
Guardian Games 2022 Bungie

All players will get access to Event Cards, which will only be available until their respective events are over. There’s also an option to upgrade Event cards by paying Silver to earn some additional cosmetic items as players progress through their event challenges.

This new mechanic will make the annual event grind more focused since all players will be sharing in the struggle to obtain exclusive rewards outside of just repeating event activities.

The Solstice event is getting big changes as well to reflect the introduction of the Event Card. Historically, Solstice has always been about the pursuit of unique armor sets that can be upgraded as the event goes by. While this is constant, players will have to concentrate on completing Event Card challenges to make progress with their armor sets.

Additionally, 2022 Solstice will allow players to reroll armor stats and their stat potential across multiple drops of the same armor piece. A new game mode called Bonfire Bash is also getting introduced next season, where players have to protect bonfires from hordes of enemies in the European Aerial Zone.

Players can expect Solstice to return in July or August, based on the usual yearly event window.