• Iron Banner will focus more on cooperative game modes
  • The rewards track will be made similar to normal Crucible and Trials of Osiris
  • Rift will return as the main game mode in Iron Banner next season

The Iron Banner in “Destiny 2” is set to receive some major overhauls next season, including some unexpected surprises that veteran players may love.

Bungie will be modernizing the Iron Banner to match the other Crucible playlists in terms of reward tracks, and the game mode is due to have a more defined identity within the game, according to the latest This Week at Bungie update.

Here’s a summary of every change that’s coming next season.

Reward track overhaul

In Season 17, Lord Saladin (now known as Bracus Forge) will no longer reward or accept Iron Banner tokens. Instead, his rewards track will be more similar to the ranking systems of Lord Shaxx or Saint-14. Every time a player finishes an Iron Banner match, they gain reputation with Saladin.

Ranking up Iron Banner reputation will reward players with Iron Engrams and cosmetics. Also, Iron Engrams can be focused to help players target-farm the loot they want to earn.

Weapons and armor changes

A small but significant change involves Iron Banner equipment sets. In Season 17 and onwards, players will be able to enjoy bonus Iron Banner reputation just by using Iron Banner weapons and armor pieces. The bonus will apply even if players are only using armor ornaments.

Power level removal

As part of Bungie’s attempt to make the Iron Banner more accessible to everyone, the power level scaling in the game mode will be removed.

New map and returning game mode

Rift is an objective-based mode where players must pick up and dunk a Spark in the enemy team’s goal post. The game mode is very similar to football or rugby but with guns and Guardians.

Bungie even made a special new map just for this game mode named Disjunction, which is set in Savathun’s Throne World. According to the developers, Disjunction is the game’s biggest map yet, and it will also be playable in the normal Crucible playlists.

Zone Control is also returning in Season 17. This game mode prioritizes teamwork and objective control as points are only awarded to the team that controls the majority of the capture points on a map.

The Disjunction map in Destiny 2
The Disjunction map in Destiny 2 Bungie