• Secant Filaments lets Warlocks enjoy both offensive and defensive buffs with one rift
  • The exotic also grants Overload rounds to any weapon while standing on an Empowering Rift
  • Overload cancels the healing effects of Restoration in PvP

The Devour ability for Voidwalker Warlocks in “Destiny 2” has, for better or worse, never been the same since the update to the Void subclass. Players may not be able to eat their grenades for constant regeneration anymore, but Bungie did give everyone some new ways to enjoy the playstyle.

When the “Witch Queen” expansion launched, the developers introduced a new set of exotic gear for every class, including one for Warlocks that drastically changes how Devour is played. Here’s a PvP-focused build for those who love to snowball in big team fights.

Weapons and Armor

The new exotic in question here is the Secant Filaments leg piece, which grants players the Devour buff every time they use an Empowering Rift.

This exotic’s playstyle is very similar to pre-update Voidwalker’s. Instead of popping a grenade, players only need to activate their rift to gain the benefits of Devour. Essentially, Secant Filaments allows its wearer to enjoy both enhanced damage and healing upon using an Empowering Rift.

Players do need to use the Voidwalker subclass for the exotic to work, but they don’t need to use the Feed the Void aspect to get Devour. They don’t need to remain inside the rift either.

Technically, any weapon can work well alongside Secant Filaments, but Dead Man’s Tale is one of the best primary weapon options for this because it allows players to two-tap Guardians when standing in a rift.

Dawn Chorus greatly buffs the effects of Scorch while also granting Daybreak extra effects
Secant Filaments makes Empowering Rift grant Devour and Overload Rounds Destiny 2

Subclass and Mod Setups

Feed the Void is still recommended for this build since it allows final blows to refresh Devour’s duration. This can be swapped for Chaos Accelerant if players truly want to, but it will cost one fragment slot. Pair either with Child of the Old Gods and the following fragments:

  • Echo of Persistence
  • Echo of Remnants
  • Echo of Undermining
  • Echo of Harvest

Use Vortex Grenade or Axion Bolt to weaken enemies and finish them with headshots to spawn orbs.

Then, use Reaping Wellmaker and Utility Kickstart to reduce the cooldown of Empowering Rift. These can be combined with High-Energy Fire and Elemental Charge for even more damage as well as the usual targeting, loader and unflinching mods for PvP.