The highly anticipated expansion to “Destiny 2: Forsaken” has not impressed some gamers. The “Black Armory” is not being seen as an expansion, but instead, this is being considered as a way to just keep the players engaged by focusing more on the grind of gameplay rather than new storylines and world building.

According to a report by Kotaku, the price of the annual pass is $35. The pass will give players access to new quests, raids and other content. What makes “The Black Armory” different from the previous expansions is that there are no new story campaigns.

The big problem with the expansion that most players and critics are complaining about is the grind. A look at the comments section of an IGN post on the gameplay footage shows that the players are not happy about the power level 630 enemies that they have to face right at the start. This makes it extremely challenging for players who are just above the 500 power level.

The missions in “Destiny 2: Forsaken” expansion are also not that exciting. The quest to unlock this Forge, for instance, requires players to do things like “get 15 Hive multikills with a Power weapon” and “kill powerful enemies until they drop random items.” Such quests are being seen as a waste of time for experienced players, especially when they have found a work-around to finish them up quickly.

If the players want to avoid the Forge that has 610 minimum power requirement and explore the other quests, there is more disappointment in store. The other quests that are available are also being described as “massive grind-fests.”

A report by Forbes called the power requirement of “The Black Armory” a “disaster.” For players who have a character that has a power level of 600, they will have to wait another two weeks to use the Forges. For others, this wait may be at least two months long, if they continuously grind to level up.

To be fair, the report noted that this grind-heavy expansion of “Destiny 2” may be a reaction to the complaints by the core fans who were previously concerned about the “lack of grind and long-term progression.” While the “Black Armory” may be good for those who absolutely love the grind, for others it may not be an enjoyable experience.

On the whole, “Destiny 2: Forsaken” continues to be a great game. However, sales are apparently not that good at the moment. The “Black Armory” expansion, which was supposed to bring in new players and get old players excited, may have had the opposite effect.

Destiny "Destiny 2" expansion "The Black Armory" has too much grind in the gameplay.