• The Glacioclasm is a high-impact fusion rifle that drops only during the Dawning 
  • This weapon can be very effective in both PvE and PvP
  • The Glacioclasm is one of the only two weapons that can randomly roll with Reservoir Burst

Among the returning Dawning weapons in “Destiny 2” is the Glacioclasm, a high-impact fusion rifle that received a slew of new perks that could lead to some very interesting results in both PvE and PvP.

Here’s a look at the Glacioclasm fusion rifle in “Destiny 2” as well as some of its best perk rolls that players should be looking out for.

The new and improved Glacioclasm

Although high-impact fusions didn’t get as much love as the other archetypes in its class, these weapons are still quite effective in almost all scenarios. The Glacioclasm is no exception to this.

It has a long charge time that’s offset by its high damage per bolt, long range and access to a relatively small perk pool filled with amazing choices.

Destiny 2's Revenant is armed with an array of Stasis abilities that can freeze and shatter enemies for massive damage
Destiny 2's Revenant is armed with an array of Stasis abilities that can freeze and shatter enemies for massive damage. Bungie

As far as base performance goes, players will definitely need to get used to the Glacioclasm’s charge time since it takes a full second to fully spool up. This means that players will need to learn how to pre-charge effectively, especially in the Crucible since many other weapons can kill in faster times within 20 meters.

Best Glacioclasm Rolls

For PvE, players will want to get a Glacioclasm with Slideshot or Subsistence with Reservoir Burst. This will turn the fusion rifle into an add-clearing machine that can consistently cause enemies to explode. Slideshot and Subsistence will keep the gun fully loaded, which will then activate Reservoir Burst damage buff and exploding effect.

This can be paired extremely well with a Nezarec’s Sin Warlock as the continuous Void kills can lead to fast Super and ability regeneration.

For PvP, the Under Pressure and High-Impact Reserves can greatly help the weapon’s base performance right off the bat since special weapons spawn with low total ammo. Under Pressure can keep the weapon’s recoil in check, while High-Impact Reserves can guarantee one-burst kills.

Consider using Fluted Barrel or Smallbore to extend the Glacioclasm’s range or improve its Stability and Handling stats. If Under Pressure isn’t available, Arrowhead Brake can tame the gun’s recoil significantly, making it easier to use.

Finally, a Charge Time Masterwork can help make the gun fire a bit faster, but players are better off getting used to the base charge time instead of relying on mods or perks.