• Hoarfrost Z allows Titans to spam Stasis crystals without using their grenade ability
  • Stasis crystals grant a variety of buffs depending on the subclass setup
  • The build allows players to lock down sections of a map with long-range overwatch

The playstyles for the Titan’s Behemoth subclass in “Destiny 2” can vary wildly depending on what aspects and exotics players are using. Though many favor the aggressive, close-range fighting styles with shotguns and SMGs, there’s plenty of value to be had with the slower and more methodical approaches.

The Hoarfrost Z exotic chest piece embodies the Behemoth’s ability to lock down an area with Stasis crystals. When combined with the right aspects and fragments, this exotic can consistently grant the Titan a variety of buffs that can help them win every fight they take.

Recommended Loadout

To get the Hoarfrost Z, players will need to either complete the “Witch Queen” campaign on Legend difficulty or farm Legend/Master lost sectors on days that drop chest armor.

This chest piece allows Titans to spawn Stasis crystals with their class ability in exchange for losing access to their barricades. Crystals aren’t as sturdy as the usual shields, but they do synergize with the Stasis subclass as a whole.

As for weapons, consider using scout rifles, pulse rifles or 120RPM hand cannons since this playstyle is more focused on locking down an area instead of aggressively pushing toward the enemy.

The Hoarfrost Z exotic chest piece for Titans in Destiny 2
The Hoarfrost Z exotic chest piece for Titans in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Behemoth Aspects, Fragments and Armor Mods

There’s a degree of freedom when it comes to picking aspects for this build. Tectonic Harvest is great for recharging the Behemoth’s lengthy melee ability cooldown, while Cryoclasm is great for offensive or defensive crystal shattering. Diamond Lance can let players chain easy freeze kills if they use their abilities properly.

The fragments are more important than the aspects here since most of the Stasis crystal synergy comes from them. Here’s the setup:

  • Whisper of Chains
  • Whisper of Shards
  • Whisper of Rime

These three will lower grenade cooldown, increase damage resistance and grant Overshields when picking up Stasis shards from destroyed crystals. If using Diamond Lance with Tectonic Harvest, add Whispers of Torment and Rending for more grenade recharge and increased kinetic weapon damage to crystals and frozen players.

For mods, use the following for even faster ability cooldowns:

  • Grenade Kickstart
  • Utility Kickstart
  • Impact Induction

Use Glacier Grenade for the ability to spawn more crystals or Coldsnap for more pushing power.