• The Cryosthesia 77k received a noticeable buff in the 30th Anniversary Update
  • The weapon no longer consumes all ammo after firing a freeze shot
  • The LN2 Variable Trigger now fires off a trigger pull like a fusion rifle

Sidearms often get overlooked in “Destiny 2,” whether because of the sheer dominance of other weapon types or the underwhelming look and feel of many pistols in the game. Despite being an exotic, the Cryosthesia 77k was looked down upon by the community upon its release for a reason.

When it first came out, the Cryosthesia was criticized as being clunky and downright bad by most players. Its intrinsic perk, LN2 Variable Trigger, was a bit hard to use, and it drained ammo after every shot, forcing players to get stuck in a hairy situation.These have since been addressed in the Anniversary Update, but have the changes made the weapon any better?

The short answer is: Yes. Anyone who got this gun from the previous season can go online and see for themselves, but for those who want to know why the Cryosthesia is so good right now, here’s a quick look.

Cryosthesia’s Biggest Buff

The best upgrade the Cryosthesia received is the improvement to its actual usability. Unlike before, the pistol’s Stasis shot is now fired upon trigger pull, not trigger release like the Devil’s Ruin. It now acts more like a fusion rifle with a short charge time. This change made the gun less clunky than before, so players turned off by its old trigger system may now find it easier to use.

The gun no longer consumes all ammo in the magazine after its freeze shot; this means that players will be able to follow up with additional shots to hopefully shatter enemies and keep the LN2 Variable Trigger ready at all times.

Stasis Synergies

There are some ridiculously good builds out there featuring the Cryosthesia. Its ability to freeze enemies makes it great for self-activating Focusing Lens and it synergizes extremely well with Stasis Aspects and Fragments like Whisper of Fractures, Iceflare Bolts and more.

Destiny 2 - Shadebinder Warlock
Destiny 2 - Shadebinder Warlock Bungie

The gun isn’t half-bad in PvP either. It can four-tap Guardians to the head, and the freeze shot allows for easy clean-ups with special weapons like shotguns and sniper rifles. Just keep the weapon’s short range in mind before engaging distant targets.

The Verdict

Cryosthesia’s changes may seem small, but they have heavily accentuated the gun’s usefulness in all game modes. From raids and Nightfalls to general 6v6 Crucible gameplay, this pistol is now more reliable than before, and players will be able to make entire builds that revolve around the Cryosthesia’s unique perks. Give it a shot.