• The Queenswalk encounter requires players to bring the Heart of Riven to the Vault
  • Two Behemoths with Diamond Lances can effectively nullify the main mechanic of this encounter
  • Picking up a lance while holding the heart will reset the timer

As if the Last Wish raid didn’t have enough cheese strategies, there’s one more that players can abuse to make the final lap to the treasure room borderline trivial.

The Queenswalk encounter in the Last Wish raid will have players go on a relay race from Riven’s corpse to the Vault where Kalli and Shuro Chi are waiting. Naturally, there’s a bunch of stuff that players will need to nail perfectly if they want to reach the finish line. However, this can all be skipped with a few Behemoths and a little bit of luck. Here’s how to do it.

Fastest Way To Finish Queenswalk

After killing Riven, players will need to carry her heart back to the Vault. The catch is that the heart will consume whoever is holding it after 15 seconds, teleporting them inside a pocket dimension filled with Taken combatants.

Normally, players in the Dreaming City will have to rush to the Vault, while those who are teleported inside the heart will need to extend the 15-second timer by collecting Taken Strength. This can be a very chaotic process since everyone needs to know their part.

A Hunter with the Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun in Destiny 2
A Hunter with the Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun in Destiny 2 Bungie

The entirety of the timer mechanic can be circumvented by dropping the heart and picking it up again. This is usually impossible to do, but this is where the Behemoths come in.

Behemoth Titans with the Diamond Lance aspect can provide heart carriers with the means to drop the heart. Carriers simply need to walk up to a Diamond Lance, pick it up, throw it away and wait for Riven to choose another carrier. Then, the fireteam can just waltz toward the Vault without having to worry about the complicated timer and teleportation mechanic.

Whoever gets teleported to the other plane of reality can stay dead or fight Taken at their leisure while the rest of the fireteam protects the carrier and generates lances for the reset cheese.

The only way for this strategy to go wrong is if the team has only two Behemoths and they both get teleported inside the heart. If one of the two Titans gets chosen to carry the heart at the beginning, it’s best to just reset immediately.

Youtuber Esoterickk was able to complete Queenswalk solo using this strategy in the video found below.