DETROIT -- The 2013 Detroit Auto Show featured a lot of hot models -- and we're not talking about the cars. Sexy girls competed for the spotlight with the latest vehicles at the car show here during press previews Monday and Tuesday.

Italian automaker Maserati had a bevy of hot girls in elegant dresses showing off their selection of luxury vehicles at the show.

Some companies decided to take an artistic approach to coupling sexy girls with hot cars. The Volkswagen booth at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show had a pair of girls -- a blonde and a brunette -- strike poses on platforms as disco music blared through the COBO Center.

Others used attractive women more subtly, such as the conservatively dressed women at the Lincoln booth. A pair of girls wore business attire while highlighting the MKC concept car at the show.

Tech company Covisint, which specializes in automotive connectivity, used a model with an edgy look. The brunette, in a leather jacket and leather pants, explained the company's technology to attendees while standing next to the Aston Martin DV5, which was featured in one of the recent "James Bond" films.

The car show, known officially as the 2013 North American International Auto Show, opened for press previews on Monday. The show opens its doors to the public on Thursday.

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