The Japanese branch of Domino's, which announced opening a new branch on the moon, has made many claims on its Web site dedicated to the new venture. However, when it comes to finding the base for its pizza joint on Earth's only known natural satellite, it has nothing substantial which can back the announcement as a proper business plan.

The whole Web site looks like a comic film and provides no potential details, apart from suggesting the whole effort as a publicity stunt cashing in on the recent achievements of astronomers from across the world.

In his statement to The Telegraph, the spokesman for Domino's, Tomohide Matsunaga said: We started thinking about this project last year, although we have not yet determined when the restaurant might open.

The company even has the release estimate of the project. The entire project will cost $21.7 billion to put a pizza joint on the surface of the moon, of which $7.3 billion will be required to transport 70 tons of building material and pizza-making equipment to the moon using 15 rockets, said the company.

However, the company did not reveal any other financial information about the project and even the sources for the equipment and the rockets.

With the estimation of $21.7 billion to set-up a pizzeria on the moon's surface, one should wonder that Domino's is much more advanced and cost effective in space than NASA which estimates its 2018 Moon Landing for four astronauts at $104 billion.

Domino's also have to consider the biggest and most basic point of its business plan for the moon outlet - the customer. Neither is there any mention of its target customers for the new pizza joint on its Web site, nor does the statement from its spokesperson hint at anything like that.

However, if Domino's can bring this imagination into reality, a date on the moon with a yummy pizza will definitely add a honey to many a pizza lovers.