Malia Obama, Michelle Obama, President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama his wife Michelle and their daughter Malia acknowledge the crowd after President Obama delivered a farewell address at McCormick Place in Chicago. REUTERS/John Gress

President Donald Trump promised, when on the election campaign trail, to undo a lot of the work that his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, did. And in just the first week of his presidency, Trump has signed executive orders that show he meant what he said, even if the courts may find some of those orders unconstitutional, such as the one banning travelers from some Muslim-majority countries.

But if you are an Obama fan, you can do more than bemoan or protest against what his successor is doing by contributing to causes supported by the former president and his wife Michelle.

Small Token, an online tool created by New York City tech incubator Give Lively is running a program supporting the causes close to Obama, and subject to terms and conditions, will also match up to $25 of individual donations toward those causes.

On the website of the program, called “Thank Obama,” the nonprofit says: “After 8 years of progress, let's show him how grateful we are for all the work he's done on our behalf” before explaining how to do that.

There is a long list of charities to choose from that work in disparate fields, such as the Barack Obama Foundation which aims at mentoring the next generation of leaders around the world; funding to stop gun violence; issues of race and sexuality; Planned Parenthood; support for refugees, including education for refugee girls; environmental causes; welfare of military veterans and families; and women’s rights.

If you would like to donate to any of those causes, you can sign up to the website and go to the program page. Decide how much you want to donate, make the payment and that’s it. The full 100 percent of the payment you make will go to the charity you choose.

Also, you can add a personalized thank you note for the Obamas if you like, which Small Token will send to the former first family directly and instantly.

So, what cause do you feel for?