If you have ever had the urge to take a bag of your favorite Doritos, throw them to the ground, stomp on them like you are crushing grapes to make wine and then blend them into a drinkable liquid, it seems you are not alone. Mountain Dew confirms it too wants the nacho cheesy flavor of Doritos in fluid form, and it has called it Dewitos.

PepsiCo owns Mountain Dew and Frito-Lay, which owns Doritos. PepsiCo confirmed in a press statement Friday it had begun testing a new Doritos-flavored drink on college campuses and has been distributing samples from its “Mtn Dew Booth” across the United States. The results are not completely abysmal, according to at least one student among those who shared their experiences with Dewitos on social media platform Reddit.

“We’re always trying out new tastes of Mountain Dew, and providing our fans a voice to decide the new product has always been vital to us,” PepsiCo said in a statement to the Huffington Post. “We opened up in the Dew flavor vault and gave students an opportunity to try this Doritos-inspired flavor as part of a little program at colleges and universities.”

The drink shares the same traffic cone hue of orange as the triangular cheese-flavored chip. The Huffington Post quoted one Reddit user who had reportedly tried a sample saying, “It actually tasted like Doritos.” After an onslaught of comments from other Reddit users expressing their distaste over a sugar-filled, cheese-flavored beverage, the student added, “It wasn’t that disgusting.”

International Business Times has not yet been able to sample the beverage thus cannot speak to its flavor. However, IBTimes can confirm Dewitos solves at least one issue shared by many Doritos enthusiasts: Cheese powder. Dewitos will allow consumers to get the same Doritos flavor they crave, without getting cheese-flavored powder on their fingertips, having to lick it off and then shove now moist fingers back in the bag.