Blake Griffin
A Blake Griffin dunk contest appearance would have been the highlight of this year's competition, but the dunk-master of the Los Angeles Clippers, says he plans to skip the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend dunk contest, disappointing millions of fans. Reuters

The fans have spoken and after a far more entertaining collection of dunks than last season, Blake Griffin finished as the 2011 Slam Dunk champion.

In his first attempt, Griffin channeled Vince Carter, but outmatched him by bouncing the ball off the backboard first, and then sticking half his arm in the basket.

In Javale McGee's first attempt, he used less theatrics than his previous dunks by completing a reverse dunk with his right hand along the left baseline that was also impressive for not hitting his head.

Griffin's final dunk involved a car. Yes, a car.

With the support of Kenny Smith and a Compton choir, and Baron Davis sitting in the car and tossing the ball from the sunroof, Griffin jammed it home over the hood of the car, as he took off from the dotted arch. Smith, Griffin's dunk coach, said the pass from Davis wasn't where it was supposed to be.

Charles Barkley wasn't quite as impressed as those who appreciated the dunk for its impressive presentation.

In his final attempt, McGee bounced the ball off the glass and slammed it home from the opposite side he jumped from.

Overall, it was a great contest.