• "Dying Light 2" is confirmed to release on Feb. 4
  • The game will also release on Nintendo Switch sometime in Q3 
  • Techland also revealed some disappointing news about "Dying Light 2"

Following the official reveal of the release date of the highly anticipated game "Dying Light 2," the game developer confirmed the major pros and cons for those who will play the game in new generation gaming consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as well as on Nintendo Switch.

After several delays, one of the most wishlisted games on Steam is finally scheduled to arrive on Feb. 4. Game developer Techland has also confirmed that anyone who purchases the game's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version can upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X for free without any additional cost.

It is great news since other titles do not usually include this feature and at times charge an additional fee. "Dying Light 2" will also allow gamers to have the chance to play the game with improved graphics post-launch.

Dying Light 2 - Good night and good luck
Good night, and good luck Techland

The game will ship with multiple rendering modes, which allow users to configure the game and play it on their own terms, whether they prefer better performance or graphical fidelity. Players who want the best graphics available can select between Quality and Resolution modes.

But, while this is great news, Techland has also shared another news that is not so good to hear. "Dying Light 2" will feature co-op mode at launch but it will not support cross-platform and cross-generation play on gaming consoles. The feature, however, will be available on PC, where Steam and Epic Games Store players can join hands to overcome zombies.

This has been seemingly confirmed earlier by Techland's lead game designer Tymon Smektala during a recent Q&A session about the game. When asked to confirm if the game will have cross-platform play, he noted: "No, not at this moment. It won't be available."

But, he answered a little bit differently when asked about the game's cross-gen play. "This won't be possible at the launch of the game, but we are working to make it possible after the launch," he noted.

Another bad news is for Nintendo Switch gamers. Techland confirmed that the game will not release on the hybrid gaming console on Feb. 4. Instead, Switch gamers can expect the game to be available on the cloud-enabled version "within six months from the original [release] date."

Techland also made sure that gamers can get their money's worth from purchasing the game. The game developer said that it plans to support "Dying Light 2" for five years and fans can "expect a lot of exciting new content and expansions" down the road.

Techland said a few days ago that players would need "at least 500 hours" to complete the entire experience. The game developer also confirmed that the game's script has over 350,000 words.