• The Steam Winter Sale 2021 ended Jan. 5
  • Steam has an ongoing sale called HeyBox game Festival
  • The schedule of the first major Steam Sale in 2022 is now available

The Steam Winter Sale has concluded but the start time and date of the first big sale for this year is only weeks away.

The first Steam sale is going to be the Lunar New Year Sale 2022, which according to SteamDB will kick off on Jan. 27 and last unitl Feb. 3. While Steam has not yet confirmed this date, the source of this leak has always provided gamers with accurate information, particularly when it comes to the platform's sale events.

Last year, the Lunar New Year Sale started Feb. 11 and ended Feb. 15. Thousands of video games were on discount across various genres and themes; "Cyberpunk 2077" was on sale at 10% less its original price while "The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt" retailed 80% lower than its original price.

Valve changes revenue sharing policy for developers on Steam. valve

Valve never announces sales dates to the public ahead of the event. Instead, it shares information with Steam developers to help them prepare the games they want to be included in the event.

While the Lunar Sale 2022 is not among the biggest sales event from Steam, most of the titles on discount are usually from Chinese and other Asian game developers.

In other Steam news, the video game digital distribution service recently announced the winners of the 2021 Winter Sale game awards.

"Resident Evil: Village" won the Game of the Year award while "Cooking Simulator VR" was named VR Game of the Year." "Terraria" was adjudged Labor of Love while "It Takes Two" received the Better with Friends award.

"Forza Horizon 5" won the Outstanding Visual Style award while "Deathloop" received the Most Innovative Gameplay award. The Best Game You Suck At Award went to "Nioh 2 Complete Edition" while "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" got the Best Soundtrack award.

"Cyberpunk 2077" received the Outstanding Story-Rich Game award while "Farming Simulator 2022" grabbed the Sit Back and Relax Award.

Steam has an ongoing sale called HeyBox Game Festival, which started Friday and will be available until Thursday. The current sale event offers discounts to a wide range of video games.