• "Dying Light 2" will receive free and premium DLCs after launch
  • Two story DLCs are scheduled to release in the next couple of years
  • The first story expansion is set to launch this June

Techland recently shared its future plans for its upcoming zombie apocalypse RPG “Dying Light 2,” giving fans a glimpse of what they can expect in the years following the game’s release.

The “Dying Light 2” DLC roadmap was posted on social media via Techland’s “Dying Light” Twitter account, where all important news for both the original game and the upcoming sequel is announced.

So far, the roadmap only goes up until June, but even so, it’s already packed with exciting content.

Much like the first game, Techland will be updating “Dying Light 2” with both free and premium DLCs. Most of the free content will come in the form of extra cosmetics, unlockables, challenges and events akin to a live-service game. However, the developers will be squeezing in some premium story-related DLCs that will push the world of “Dying Light 2” beyond the confines of the original campaign.

The original “Dying Light” received one major story DLC called “The Following,” which added a completely new map with a few new weapons and items.

“Dying Light 2” could potentially see a similar scale of DLC sometime in the future. As of now, there is one story DLC listed in the roadmap that’s scheduled for June. Unfortunately, there aren’t any details that suggest how big this story expansion could be.

Dying Light 2 features agile movement and brutal melee combat in sprawling open world
Dying Light 2 features agile movement and brutal melee combat in sprawling open world. Techland

There’s also the matter of the game’s overall story structure. It will be interesting to see how story DLCs will tie into whatever route or ending players decide to take on their playthroughs. This could mean that there will either be a canon story route or all future story DLCs will take the players’ actions in the main story into consideration.

In the next five years following “Dying Light 2’s” release, players can expect more weapons, enemies, challenges, stories and events to get added to the game, much like how Techland supported the original game after all these years.

“Dying Light 2” is finally due to release this coming Feb. 4 after a somewhat rocky development cycle shrouded in silence. Fans will be able to play the game on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X|S. A Nintendo Switch version will be available at a later date.