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Illustration shows representation of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash plunging into water

EASYMM is an innovative consulting firm that was established in Singapore to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market. The company has a plethora of currently available and accessible solutions, which has helped many crypto projects reach their full potential and endure over time.

In today's reality, more than supporting specific order book quantities are required to satisfy the aims of crypto initiatives. Notably, the most crucial aspect of the current market is to make the transaction sustainable so that the customer is not required to participate in the process and to make charts seem to have been formed naturally.

EASYMM makes it easier to develop a comprehensive plan for accomplishing a project's most important goals. This is what differentiates the firm from other equals within the market that are in a comparable category. More than that, EASYMM hopes to develop long-term ties with its partners to accomplish its goals.

Further, the firm has a comprehensive grasp of the cryptocurrency finance business and solid institutional contacts within the niche. The company implements several market-making techniques to build a reputation among customers and fulfill their requirements.

A New Era in the Crypto Market-Making

EASYMM has developed the most sustainable and organic-looking market-making algorithm. At this point, it can be purchased at an affordable price for all market participants!

According to the CEO: "Due to our market-making algorithm, we gained 100+ active clients. And, what is more important – we continue to work with them because of the sustainability of our algorithm."

An investigation has revealed that after more than 15 months of operation, the company has maintained an average customer retention rate of 85%! This is one of the highest in the industry.

The Most Sustainable and Organic Market-Making Algorithm for All

EASYMM has a fast setup which is usually completed in as little as 48 hours. Also, the firm's competitive price is superior to 90% of the other offerings now available on the market.

The platform runs with complete customization, allowing for fully adjustable software settings to accommodate any trading strategy. A dedicated account manager is also an added perk for all clients.

The team has several goals that it wants to accomplish with every client, including achieving vivid organic-style bars and trading volumes, achieving green ratings on CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap, reducing price declines even in the situation of overwhelming sell pressure, and achieving sustained growth in organic trade.

At this point, in the middle of an extended era of expansion, the company's prices are at their lowest market price. EASYMM intends to increase the price after acquiring more than 300 customers, either to the market center or higher.

Hence, the prices are affordable and intentionally kept at the bottom of the market. With this, customers get the most transparent and affordable market Making for digital assets.

When It Comes To Building a Successful Team, Results Are What Matter Most

The capacity for remarkable performance turns a molehill into a mountain. Because of this, EASYMM has positioned itself as a forerunner among other service providers and market makers.

The team uses critical resources to fulfill all requirements while maintaining an availability rate of 85% or above. This is stability taken to its furthest level.

Notably, the EASYMM team is made up of highly skilled individuals in the roles of account managers, traders, and developers. The team works well together and has a positive attitude toward future blockchain technology and digital currency development.

This explains the architecture that enables the company's lightning-fast speed. Access to high-quality solutions may be made simple and fast with the help of EASYMM's staff of experienced traders, who are always available.

Impressively, EASYMM has been in the market and has earned the trust of many over time. During that time, it has provided services to over 100+ customers and 90+ exchanges while maintaining an uptime of software of 85%+.

Before the year 2022 comes to a close, EASYMM anticipates that the total number of active customers will have risen to over 200.