Egypt's new PM-designate Sharaf walks before delivering a speech in Cairo
Egypt's new PM-designate Sharaf walks before delivering a speech in Cairo Reuters

The new prime minister of Egypt, Essam Sharaf, has vowed to enact democratic reforms, speaking before a cheering crowd of at least 10,000 people in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

He has also promised to resign if he fails to carry out such changes.

Sharaf, who was the former transport minister and who had participated in last month’s street demonstrations that ultimately brought down former President Hosni Mubarak, told the crowd that he gets his will and determination from the people.

Sharaf opposed Mubarak and resigned from his cabinet five years ago.

I will do my utmost to realize your demands, he said.I am here because I get my legitimacy from you.”
According to Al Ahram news, during the speech, the crowd chanted people want the fall of the state security apparatus.

The former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq was compelled to resign since he was linked to Mubarak.
Sharaf, 59, was educated in the U.S., having received his Master of Science degree in civil engineering in 1980 from Purdue University and then received his doctorate in 1984.

The government also announced that Egypt will hold on referendum on constitutional reform on March 19.

Egypt’s military council, which has been running the country affairs since Mubarak resigned, has ordered the interim government to take over for six months or until the end of parliamentary and presidential elections.