Egyptian Internet revolutionary and controversial blogger, Aliaa Magda, Elmahdy, whose self-published nude photographs shocked the country, has called on men in Egypt to wear a Hijab (a headscarf) and show solidarity with women.

Elmahdy and her blogger-boyfriend, Kareem Amer, have been at the receiving end of a number of death threats, online complaints and even a court case, filed by the Coalition of Islamic law graduates for insulting the Islamic religion and for advertizing immorality. Elmahdy herself had termed her nude photo campaign as a scream against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy.

Her recent campaign asks men to upload photographs of themselves wearing headscarves, in an attempt to create awareness over the hypocritical attitudes that require only women to cover their heads.

A statement, posted on her Facebook page before it was removed, said: Those who call on women to wear Hijab should not attack men if they chose to wear the Hijab. The page, which was being used as a tool to garner support for her cause, had been taken down due to the sheer number of complaints.

Elmahdy plans to re-launch the page and resume her Internet campaigns.

Meanwhile, the legal case against Elmahdy was submitted to the general prosecutor. The 20-year-old blogger is accused of trying to spread her obscene ideology through the nude pictures.

The Facebook page of the Coalition of Islamic law graduates has the full report submitted to the general prosecutor.