Paris 4
Paris. Reuters

The Eiffel Tower in Paris closed Tuesday, when the landmark's workers went on strike.

CGT union, which represents most of the tower's 300 workers, called for the walkout after seven hours of talks with the company that manages the tower failed late Monday night. CGT is demanding better work conditions and more pay during the peak tourist season of June through September.

Tuesday's strike is the first at Eiffel Tower since a two-day shutdown in December 2010.

One of CGT's specific complaints is that one of the five elevators has been broken for more than five years and contributes to pressure on workers from impatient tourists.

"The waiting lines are growing longer, the visitors are growing more and more impatient and the work conditions are deteriorating," CGT said in a statement.

The tower gets about 25,000 tourists daily and about seven million tourists every year. It is usually open 365 days a year but visitors were turned away Tuesday and left uncertain whether the strike would continue into Wednesday.