Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has previously said Mexican immigrants were in many cases "criminals, drug dealers [and] rapists," reportedly upset Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán with the comments. Pictured: Trump gave a speech in New York City outlining his vision for tax reform, Sept. 28, 2015. Getty Images

Unconfirmed reports resurfaced Tuesday that escaped Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán allegedly upped his campaign against Donald Trump recently by putting a $100 million bounty on the American billionaire's head. El Chapo, who's been on the run since escaping from prison in July, reportedly told inmates before he fled that he was offended by Trump's comments insulting Mexican immigrants, according to Telesur.

"He was mad. He wants Donald Trump dead and will pay any amount of money if meant he could have Donald Trump's head," an anonymous inmate told Most Extreme News, which has a reputation as a satirical news site.

Whether the reports were fake or real, Trump has traded barbs with El Chapo before. When the kingpin escaped, the GOP front-runner released a statement saying that "corrupt Mexican officials obviously let him go a second time." El Chapo, who's considered one of the world's most powerful drug traffickers, escaped prison in 2001 and was only recaptured last year, according to MSNBC.

After Trump's criticism, an unverified Twitter account with the username @ElChap0Guzman fired back. The user tweeted that if Trump kept "screwing with us" he would "eat his words." Trump has previously said Mexican immigrants were in many cases "criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc." The mogul has also proposed building a wall along the United States' border with Mexico to keep people out.

Trump responded, then contacted the FBI, the Telegraph reported. El Chapo's lawyer, Juan Pablo Badillo, later said in a court filing that the fugitive's alleged threats were fabricated, according to Forbes. Even then, however, Badillo couldn't resist taunting Trump, asking whether he'd kick El Chapo "around like a soccer ball?"

El Chapo has a bounty of his own. Mexico was offering up to $3.8 million and the U.S. pledged up to $5 million for information leading to his capture.