Benghazi, on the eastern region of Libya is reportedly in the hands of anti-government protesters after much bloodshed and fighting with Gaddafi-backed mercenaries and troops. Rebel groups in eastern Libya also declared that they now control most of the oil fields east of the town Ras Lanuf, and said they would will oil deals with foreign companies as long as they served the interests of the Libyan people.
Nearly all the oilfields in Libya east of Ras Lanuf are now controlled by the people and the government has no control in this area, Abdessalam Najib, a petroleum engineer at the Libyan company Agico, told Reuters. “The people at the fields and those transporting it (oil) to terminals are still working, but (work has been) shut down by, let us say, 75 percent. I work in oilfields and I was told this by someone at a very big oil company in [the town of ] Brega.
Here are some photos of the elation and anger in Benghazi: