• A WIP "Elden Ring" mod removes co-op limitations like furled finger usage, fast-travel restrictions and more
  • The mod will allow players to explore the world map  with friends at their own leisure
  • The mod has no specified release date yet

The modding community for “Elden Ring” has been sharing their wild creations online since the game’s release, but one modder has decided to take things one step further by making a mod that drastically changes how multiplayer works.

This mod, which is simply called “Elden Ring Seamless Co-op,” is still a work-in-progress by modder LukeYui, who posted a couple of videos on YouTube showing the changes in action.

At first glance, the mod sounds completely unnecessary since co-op in “Elden Ring” is fully functional. However, LukeYui’s mod completely erases the majority of the vanilla game’s multiplayer co-op restrictions.

With the mod installed, players will be able to fast travel, rest in Sites of Grace, fight field bosses, ride mounts, die and respawn independently of each other without resetting the world and more. The clip even shows two players fighting a Crucible Knight inside an Evergaol, which features a neat Spectator view.

This may sound a lot like cheating, especially the part where players can continuously respawn after dying, but there is a “Rot Essence” feature, which punishes repeated deaths unless players rest at a Site of Grace.

More importantly, players will not get banned for using the mod despite going against FromSoftware’s terms of service. The mod will run from its own dedicated launcher, and it won’t let players mess with others who are playing the vanilla version of the game on legitimate servers.

“Elden Ring’s” multiplayer experience does provide players with the means to enjoy the game with their friends, but it has several restrictions that prevent people from going through the entire game together.

Due to FromSoftware’s multiplayer restrictions, players are limited to being only temporary allies who disappear after the area’s boss is defeated. This unfortunately prevents groups of friends from enjoying the open-world portion of the game.

LukeYui’s mod aims to remove these restrictions and make the entirety of “Elden Ring” playable for friends who want to experience the Lands Between together without necessarily detracting from the game’s intended difficulty.

The mod is still in the works, and there’s no word on when it’ll be released. Eager fans can follow LukeYui’s YouTube channel for updates regarding the mod’s progress.

Several NPCs can be summoned during the fight against Radahn - Elden Ring
Several NPCs can be summoned during the fight against Radahn Elden Ring