• Mount speed can be increased by visiting Stablemasters
  • Continuous Attack in the Alliance War tree also increases mount speed
  • The PvP skill can be unlocked without fighting other players

Mounts are unlocked surprisingly early in “The Elder Scrolls Online,” but players might notice they aren’t exactly as stellar as expected. Mount movement speed is quite sluggish at first, and players walking on foot may find themselves outrunning horses with no effort.

There is a way to make mounts move faster, which will solve one of the main gripes regarding travel time around the many areas in the game. Here’s how to upgrade mounts in “ESO.”

City Stables

Every large city in the game has a Stablemaster NPC that can let players upgrade one of three categories of their characters’ Riding Skills: Speed, Stamina and Capacity.

This is the most basic way to improve mount speed, but it is also the lengthiest since Stablemaster upgrades can only be purchased every 20 hours. It will take a significant amount of time before speed upgrades can be felt through this method.

However, there is a much faster way to get a flat speed boost that requires very little time and effort.

The Elder Scrolls Online
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Cyrodiil PvP Skill Line

Upon getting their mount, players can immediately head over to Cyrodill and start a short tutorial that will reward them with Alliance Points, which can be used to grab a few passives.

One passive is Continuous Attack, which grants buffs for open-world PvP. Another is Major Gallop, which will increase the movement speed of mounts by a flat 30% at all times.

To get this skill, proceed to Cyrodill by activating any campaign at the Alliance War menu. Then, finish the Welcome to Cyrodiil, Siege Warfare and Reporting for Duty quests. Do not skip any tutorial quests, or players will risk losing Alliance Points.

Once all of the quests are finished, unlock the Continuous Attack skill in the Assault line of the Alliance War tree in the Skills Panel to gain all of its effects. This will grant Major Gallop to players, which should suffice for the vast majority of the game.

Players who want to keep pushing their mount speed further should visit Stablemasters regularly for the daily 1% boost.