HOUSTON - A stretch of Enbridge Inc's crude oil pipeline from Canada to the United States was operating normally after being shut by a power outage last week, the company said on Thursday.

Volumes on the pipeline, Line 4, which runs more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin, were normal Tuesday, a day after the shut segment restarted, Enbridge data showed.

Volumes were reduced Monday by activities associated with restoring oil flows to the affected 125-mile (200 km) segment after repair following the Sept. 10 electrical failure, a spokeswoman said.

Line 4 volume on Tuesday, the most recent data available, was 120,137 cubic meters (755,639 barrels), up from 72,243 cubic meters (454,395 barrels) on Monday. Volumes had been in the vicinity of 120,000 cubic meters over the weekend.

There would have been a blip while they restarted it, but there was no concern. They had no issues for their customers, Enbridge spokeswoman Paula Leslie said.

Enbridge shut down pipelines through Edmonton Terminal Sept. 10 after a power failure at the terminal. When the problem was isolated, all unaffected lines were restarted and flows were rerouted around the affected segment, she said. (Reporting by Bruce Nichols; editing by Jim Marshall)