• Evander Holyfield wants a trilogy fight with Tyson to happen next
  • Holyfield says Tyson has no more excuses to avoid him
  • Tyson is also ready to face Holyfield

Evander Holyfield officially becomes the latest boxer to take a shot at the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight last weekend.

Like most, the 58-year-old was not too impressed with the outcome. However, this is shrouded by the fact that the former boxing champion was originally one of the fighters that the hard-hitter from Brooklyn, New York should have faced.

Holyfield issued a press release calling out his old arch-nemesis to face him in a return fight. Talks never materialized with Tyson’s side opting for Jones instead.

The full release was shared on Twitter by Aaron Bronsteter.

“The Real Deal” stressed that he understood that Tyson needed a tune-up bout in his ring return. But with that now out of the way, Holyfield feels the 54-year-old slugger has no more excuse.

Tyson put on a good showing against Jones at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The fight ended in a draw though most felt Tyson should have been the official winner.

Regardless, Tyson proved that he still has some fight left in him. He is looking to do more exhibition matches, saying that it was way bigger than fighting for a championship.

In a previous post, Tyson said that he is open to facing Holyfield in a potential third encounter. He blamed the people behind his rival as the reason why it never prospered.

“Maybe Evander needs to talk to me because every time my business associates talk to his business associates, it doesn’t turn out well,” Tyson stated.

For Tyson, sealing the deal for a third in-ring meeting may have better chances if he and Holyfield personally sit down and talk about it.

Both appear raring to take the squared-circle, so that one-on-one talk could be the key to making a Tyson vs. Holyfield III bout happen.

“So I don’t know. If you could see what we made tonight, if these guys really care about the welfare of Evander, they would have had this fight with Evander. Maybe we’ll do another but, whoever’s he’s with who’s handling him is totally wrong,” Tyson said.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones Jr. reacts after receiving a split draw against Mike Tyson during Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. presented by Triller at Staples Center. Photo: Getty Images | Joe Scarnici