Uber, pictured October 14, 2014, plans to release an updated version of Uber for Business that features custom travel programs. Getty Images

Uber will reportedly introduce a newly enhanced version of Uber for Business, according to TechCrunch. The Uber for Business update was confirmed Tuesday by the company, which will offer custom travel programs and new regulations.

The revamped version intends to provide new tools to make it easier for employers to manage travel options for its employees. While the service's updated guidelines are easier for companies to use, employees will no longer be able to utilize the service for personal needs after-hours, as stricter regulations on employee use will be enforced.

"The dashboard is where you'll manage all your ground transportation and customize how people can use your Uber for Business account," Uber's website explained in a note on how its new travel accommodations would be executed.

This program can help employers determine the type of car that can be requested, expense allotments for riders, when Uber can be used by workers and location limits that can be accessed. Regulations like these can be purchased by companies through customizable programs.

The ride service claimed its new rules will work because companies and its employees "don't have to worry about out-of-policy rides." According to an Uber for Business informational booklet, Companies will now have access to real-time reporting, which will help employers to further implement its transportation policies through the service. Available reports include monthly savings costs, automatic receipt forwarding and a detailed trip dashboard, among other options.

Uber claimed its updated service will provide an enhanced experience for employees, too. Employees will be able to "forget about pre-booking rides, picking up rental cars, waiting in taxi lines, or finding parking." Employees can be notified of rides within the Uber app, but those who don't have a smart phone or an Uber account will still be able to utilize the program.

Uber for Business will also benefit employees who require ride accommodations (i.e. individuals with disabilities), which can be directed to the driver through customized notes. However, companies will now have the ability to decide which workers will be given the opportunity to receive the Uber for Business benefits.

A press representative issued a statement to International Business Times Tuesday from Julie Herendeen, who is the head of marketing and strategy for Uber for Business. Herendeen said that the new features are available today.

"Business travelers were amongst Uber's earliest adopters, and organizations needed streamlined billing, reporting and management tools for their employee's Uber usage," Herendeen said. "That's why we launched Uber for Business three years ago."

Uber for Business emerged three years ago and promised to make the transportation needs of employees and their companies smoother and cost-effective. According to ZDNet.com, "Uber for Business has won over a large share of business travel with 65,000 customers. In just the last six months of this year, revenue on the platform has tripled."

Dell, Goldman Sachs, TripAdvisor and Evernote are among a list of more than 65,000 companies that utilize Uber for Bussiness today.

According to a post published on Uber's blog, Uber for Business was created "to help organizations perfect the way they move the people that matter to them. And while our initial focus was on driving business travel efficiency through features like monthly billing and reporting, it didn’t take long before we realized that organizations needed Uber for a lot more."

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