You know those drunken photos from that bachelor party years back (which have since been hidden) that you don't want all of your Facebook friends to see? Bad news for you, they might make another appearance thanks to the discovery of a flaw in the system.

A security loophole within the image reporting tool led some Facebook users to find a flaw in the system which exposes private photos, including private photos from Mark Zuckerberg, to the public.

The flaw was reportedly found by members of a bodybuilding forum, according to ZDNet. The users found that if they reported or flagged a public Facebook photo for abuse, they could retrieve private photos hidden by the same user.

ZDNet reported that once the bodybuilding forum members reported an image for being inappropriate, Facebook promped with a message asking to take action by selecting additional photos to include with your report, which redirects to a gallery of private photos.

The accuser, so to say, can browse through photos that otherwise no one would see using the report abuse feature on Facebook. ZDNet tested it out and found that sometimes private content was displayed, other times, it was not. The downfall is that to utilize this flaw, one must report his or her Facebook friend, which also gives the ability to enlarge the photo.

The Facebook flaw affects everyone, the discoverers said, including Mark Zuckerberg. So exactly what kind of photos does Zuckerberg hide from the public in his personal collection?

The group found images of the Facebook CEO eating French fries, meeting the President, rolling sushi, playing with a white furball dog with girlfriend Priscilla Chan and drinking and posted them to a blog.

The news of the Facebook flaw comes just shortly after the FTC called Facebook out for making users believe that their information was always private, though it was being shared with the public on a regular basis. The FTC ordered that Facebook must notify its users if information is shared beyond the privacy settings they have established.

View the slideshow to see Mark Zuckerberg's private photos found upon discovery of the Facebook flaw.