Social media have become a ubiquitous part of everyday life. In 2013, nearly 629 million people logged into Facebook daily, 48 percent of its 1.3 billion users. Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and even Google+ get more and more activity every day. And it’s a fair assumption that most users will have multiple social networks. Keeping up and posting to each one can become an arduous task, which is why Fernando Cuscuela and Leandro Armas created Everypost, one app to post to them all.

Cuscuela and Armas devised the concept of Everypost in Buenos Aires after five years in the social media arena. “Using our content management system and social media experience, we created Everypost,” Cuscuela told IBTimes. Now, the company is based in Miami and has big plans for where Everypost is going. Cuscuela will present a new premium version of Everypost at Macworld 2014 in San Francisco, aimed at businesses with multiple profiles on social media networks. Everypost was chosen as one the finalists in the “6 About to Break” competition hosted by Macworld and SF New Tech.

“Managing digital platforms is no longer as easy as updating the Facebook status," Cuscuela said. "People and businesses need to worry about which messages are relevant to which platforms. The bottom line is that managing this is now a full-time job, yet managing them from different mobile applications becomes quite frustrating not to mention time-consuming and ineffective.”

Everypost allows users to publish content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and even Dropbox. Professionals can publish to Facebook Pages and Google+ Pages as well. “Our main focus is content creation,” Cuscuela said, “fast and easy.” While rivals like Buffer and Hootsuite offer similar solutions for social media mavens, Everypost goes further, letting users publish their own videos from YouTube, and music from Grooveshark. And all of this content can be backed up to Dropbox. Cuscuela said that the addition of Dropbox came from user feedback.

While Everypost may offer more options than its competitors already, it's not stopping there. Cuscuela told IBTimes that he has plans to launch a Web tool in the two months. Right now Everypost is solely mobile. Since businesses often work mostly from desktops, Cuscuela noted that this will be a big tool for the future. He also noted that they will be announcing a scheduling tool at Macworld, which starts on March 27.

Currently, Everypost is offered for free for Apple and Android devices. Cuscuela noted that the version available now is for the general public, and premium plans aimed at businesses small and large will roll out in the near future. Depending on the business's need, basically how many profiles a company uses and how many scheduled posts they draft, plans will range from $9.99 to $149.99, the latter being unlimited. 

Meet everypost from everypost on Vimeo.