Facebook is rolling out a new tool that compiles birthday wishes users have received into a video clip which users can see the day after their birthday. REUTERS/Thierry Roge

In recent times, Facebook has launched numerous features that showcase its increasing focus on video content on the social networking site. And as it strives to make the content personal, it is starting to roll out a new tool that will give you a video recap of the birthday wishes you receive.

Since everyone on your friend list gets a notification as your birthday approaches, Facebook has become an online place where birthday greetings get sent en masse, even if it is the only annual exchange between the sender and the recipient. What the new tool does is, it takes all the messages you received on your birthday from friends, acquaintances and strangers, and compiles them into a video that you get to see the day after your special day is over.

The birthday recap video will show up at the top of your News Feed, where you can see a 45-second preview. You can also edit the video to remove or add specific posts, photos or videos to make it like you want, and then share it with your friends and the world.

YouTube user Josh Constine uploaded an example of what the video looks like.

Another tool released earlier in the year allowed users to create special birthday video messages to wish their friends. The company also has other personalized videos, such as the year in review, Friend’s Day videos, and even one that shows the entire history of your timeline.

According to Mashable, more than 100 billion birthday messages are posted on Facebook every single day.