The media-frenzy surrounding the revelation of a fake Apple store in China puts the spotlight on other fake Chinese goods.

The fake Apple Store located in the southwester Chinese city of Kunming, Yunnan, was outed after an American blogger discovered the store and posted her findings onto the Internet.

This was a total Apple store rip-off. A beautiful rip-off - a brilliant one - the best rip-off store we had ever seen, the anonymous blogger posted on Wednesday.

Two days after an American blogger stumbled upon the fake store , industrial and commercial authorities in Kunming launched an inspection not only on the alleged Apple Store, but on all the city's electronics stores.

It was unclear whether the store was selling fake or genuine Apple products.

But the phenomenon of unauthorized vendors setting up shop to peddle real products has grown alongside China's manufacturing prowess.

Many of the factories that produce brand-name goods on contract have been known to do extra runs of the goods to make extra cash, analysts say.

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