If there’s one thing that the Chinese are really good at, it’s coming up with mind-blowing knock-offs of the most high-tech gadgets in the market. This time, they outdid themselves by coming out with their own version of Apple’s next flagship phone: the iPhone 11. 

In a video, it seems like some Chinese companies created a copycat, android version of the iPhone 11 Max, one of the supposed flagship lineup of the Cupertino giant along with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 R. According to BGR, it seems the Chinese firms created its own iPhone 11 version by incorporating leaked images and specs of this year’s iOS smartphone lineup. 

The phone in the photo and video are obviously not real but the iPhone 11 clones are described by BGR as highly-functional smartphones that work well as an Android option. Some of the details, however, are wrong based on Apple leaks. The area around the lenses, for example, is supposed to match the color of the back of the iPhone 11. Another issue is the mute switch found on the side of the fake iPhone which looks exactly like the current models. The real iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R are expected to have new round mute switch similar to what the new iPads have. 

But what’s interesting is that even if the units in question are not real Apple products, the phones do give us an idea of how the Cupertino firm’s next smartphones could look like. 

The clones have perfectly captured design leaks, particularly the triple camera setup found at the back of the phones. The phones have the exact dimensions of the supposed next iPhone and since the features were created based on “official” iPhone cases created for the next iOS phones then it looks like the notorious camera hump at the back is indeed happening this year. 

The rear camera setup has been a subject of controversy for the past few months because of its conspicuous design. The rear camera setup has been described as both “ugly” and “boring” by Apple analysts since it takes up a lot of the back. And although the hump is said to have been minimized, the aesthetics still seem wrong for the company known for its minimalist design.