• Ammo can be crafted in Tinker's Workbenches
  • High-quality bullets require more materials than usual
  • Ammo can be generated passively at the Converted Munitions Factory

It goes without saying that ammunition is important for any range-focused build in “Fallout 76.” While certain ammo types can be acquired in ludicrous amounts, even in the early game, there will always be a demand for more down the road.

Thankfully, bullets can be crafted in a Tinker’s Workbench, found strewn about in the Appalachian Wasteland or placed in a player’s own CAMP. Crafting costs resources, which can be hard to come by in bulk. Here are a few ways to help make ammo crafting a bit more efficient.

Recommended Perks

There are two main perks to consider when going for ammo-crafting efficiency: Scrapper and Ammosmith.

Ammosmith makes each batch of crafted ammo yield more than usual. With this perk, players can get an extra 80% more bullets without spending more resources. Meanwhile, Scrapper can increase the number of resources obtained from scrapping objects.

At level 50, consider getting the Super Duper perk, which grants a chance to double the amount of crafted items.

The Ammo Converter

This workshop object converts unused bullets into AmmoPoints, which can be used to purchase different ammo types. It can be extremely handy for players with tons of shotgun shells or .38 rounds.

The Ammo Converter can be purchased with gold bullions from Mortimer if players are friendly with Raiders, or Minerva during her third Emporium week or fourth Big Sale week.

Farming Resource Deposits

There are a number of resource deposits in the Appalachian Wasteland that players can freely pick for ammo components, though lead deposits will often be the most sought-after. Here are a few public workshops where players can get lead from:

  • Poseidon Energy Plant Yard
  • Lakeside Cabins
  • Grafton Steelyard
  • Berkeley Springs West

Dumbbells and barbells can be scrapped into lead. Just make sure to have a CAMP nearby or plenty of inventory space.

The Ammunition Plant

Inside the Converted Munitions Factory workshop in the Savage Divide region is an ammo fabricator that automatically crafts ammo for free as long as it’s powered. This workshop is often contested, but it’s worth checking out every once in a while. Players running a private world should prioritize claiming this workshop if they need ammo.

Tinker's Workbench is used to craft ammunition and explosives
Tinker's Workbench is used to craft ammunition and explosives Fallout 76