Police detained India’s most famous yoga guru temporarily early on Sunday and used teargas to evict his supporters from a huge tent where they were on a mass fast against corruption in New Delhi.

Swami Ramdev began his fast on Saturday in a tent of the size of four football pitches in the heart of the capital with tens of thousands of supporters from across the country.

The permission was for a yoga camp for 5,000 not for 50,000 people for agitation. We have cancelled the permission and asked them to move out, Delhi police spokesman Rajan Bhagat told Reuters.

The government had been negotiating with Ramdev, whose demands included bringing back billions of dollars of illegal wealth stored abroad and the death penalty for corrupt officials.

The government said on Saturday that it had agreed to most of Ramdev's demands, but he was appearing rebellious on Saturday, called on his supporters to continue fasting.

The eviction could make Ramdev’s position strong and would also spark protests by his millions of supporters across the country who are fasting with Ramdev in Delhi.

Yoga guru is fasting in support of social activist Anna Hazare, whose campaign rang a chord with millions of Indians and forced the government to make legislative concessions on an anti-corruption bill.

Both campaigns by Swami Ramdev and social activist Anna Hazare, have highlighted how India's national parties are struggling to deal with the growing anger of middle class Indians who are fed up with graft.

Financier worry the trouble that are caused by campaigns will force the government to pay less attention to reform bills, making it easier for industry to acquire land, postponed because opposition protests over graft led to deadlock in parliament.