If you have an Instagram account, on a daily basis, your feed is no doubt full of people posting ultra-glamorous selfies in their fabulous homes, cars or yachts. But the newest trend to sweep social media sites like Instagram and Twitter is the “felfie” -- and it doesn’t include the rich and famous.

A #felfie, or a “farm selfie” snapped by a farmer, shows the life of a rural agriculture worker and has become a popular topic of interest and hashtag online. For months, users have been posting and reposting photos of farmers riding on their tractors, posing with their livestock or standing in corn fields, highlighting the world of agriculture not seen by many on a daily basis.

The practice has become so popular, the Guardian noted, that a British farmer set up a blog to compile all of the felfies at FarmingSelfie.com. There was also a felfie competition last month, according to Slate, held by the Irish Farmer’s Journal.

But the felfie isn’t a trend to mock farmers or their profession -- instead, as FarmingSelfie.com put it, its aim is to “put a face to the farmers who work to put food on your table.”

The felfie is also a means for farmers to communicate with the outside world, since they often spend long hours in the field or in the barn.

“We spend a lot of hours glued to the tractor seat," Aussie farmer Brendan Taylor told ABC Southern Queensland. "Nowadays we basically have tractors that drive themselves, so we spend countless hours conversing on Twitter or reading articles and catching up on the world markets. The most interesting conversations I have on Twitter are generally not with other farmers, but with people who are interested in what we do. If I post a photo of what I might be doing I get a lot of questions from consumers."

Here are some of the best #felfies out there.