A new trend has emerged on Twitter and it’s a little unsettling for anyone remotely humble about taking a self-photo. Last year was the year of the “selfie,” but 2014 could just be the year of the “Selfie Olympics.” What could that be? It has to have something to do with sports or some type of athletic ability, right? Not even close.

The “Selfie Olympics” emerged from the Twitter account The Selfie Game, where Twitterati are encouraged to take pictures of themselves. But it’s not just any type of photo. The three-quarter angel that MySpace made popular is old news here. Twitter users are going through all types of odd extremes to get retweeted by the Selfie Game handle, and sometimes a little athleticism is actually involved though it’s certainly not a requirement. A lot of self-love and even more creativity is what’s needed to have a Twitter user’s photo posted.

The Selfie Game already has nearly 100,000 followers and has spurred numerous imposter accounts. Call it Selfie Olympics or The Selfie Game-- it’s exactly the same thing. Nothing seems to be off limits. Though most people take their pictures in the bathroom, it’s not a requirement. Check out some people who made it to the Selfie Olympics below:

One user dressed in shades, a beanie and a flannel shirt for the “single father selfie.” He brought a child’s kitchen set into the bathroom and held a toy doll with a cigarette in its mouth.

Another brought living room items into the bathroom.

Someone else dressed in an adult-sized Winnie the Pooh costume and guzzled some honey.

One person decided to make fun of people who pretend to be sleeping in photos that they actually took of themselves.

Of course, there has to be a Miley Cyrus parody involved.

This user made it into the Selfie Olympics with the help of his dog.

Multitasking, flexibility and some strong dexterity in her toes helped this user make it.

Age is not a requirement, nor is it a detractor.

A stove in the bathroom?

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