FEMA Grants Given To Homeowners By Zipcode
A cartographic distribution of grants given by FEMA to homeowners who suffered property damage from Hurricane Sandy. A darker color indicates that more money was given to homeowners in that zipcode. Lisa Mahapatra

Six months after Hurricane Sandy ravaged much of New York and New Jersey, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has given out almost $1 billion in grants to homeowners living in the tri-state area.

But not all of the people who applied for FEMA funding got what they wanted.

Take a look at this interactive map that charts out how much funding homeowners received by zip code from FEMA in the wake of Sandy.

Here's how we calculated the data: FEMA's database of grants given to homeowners lists the average grant amount given and the number of grants given in each zip code. Multiplying the two numbers offers an estimate of the total grant amount given to homeowners in that zipcode.

Here's another interactive map that charts how many homeowners in each zip code applied for funding, but were denied. FEMA turns down applications if they think the damage described was not caused by Hurricane Sandy, or if it is already covered by insurance.

Now take a look at this comparison of the two maps. There is some overlap between the zipcodes that received the most funding, and zip codes in which large numbers of grants were denied.

Note: The data for Manhattan is slightly skewed, as there are more renters and businesses than homeowners in the borough.