Heard about the Chilli Fidget Spinner Phone and wonder how to get your hands on one? We’ve got all the details on prices, features, plus where and how to buy one, here.


Just when we thought the fidget spinner craze was ready to die, Hong Kong-based company, Chilli International has released a product that’s sure to be the top of every gadget-obsessed kid’s Christmas list: the Fidget Spinner phone. While fidget spinner phone cases emerged at the height of the fidget spinner craze, and there was even a fidget spinner phone Kickstarter project at one point, at the end of last month, Chilli International debuted the very first fidget spinner phone and since that time, they’ve been selling like hot cakes.

Chilli International's K188 is the first Fidget Spinner cell phone to hit the market.

Dubbed the Chilli K188, the fidget spinner phone looks like a base level Tracfone with no crazy bells and whistles. The defining feature of the phone is the way it curves inward like an hourglass … or, a fidget spinner. The top of the phone has a small pixelated screen and at the bottom are the number buttons. In the middle, however, you’ll find a circular bearing, and for anyone who’s ever used a fidget spinner, you know this is the place where you grip the device and then give it twirl.

How Much Does Chilli K188 Fidget Spinner Phone Cost? What Are Its Features?

The Chilli K188 features are somewhat limited in terms of modern cellphones. It comes in six colors and has a tiny 1.4-inch screen with just 32MB of internal memory -- enough to store 500 contacts and about 200 texts. The phone does have a very basic web browser and Bluetooth capabilities along with the ability to listen to music, but doesn’t feature any apps or other services. It has an 800mAh capacity battery and runs on a 2G network.

Despite the rudimentary technical specifications, the K188 Fidget Spinner phone is incredibly affordable with a price of just 1200-1300 rupees (less than $20 in American money).

Where Can I Buy The Chilli K188 Fidget Spinner Phone? When Does It Release Worldwide?

fidget spinner phone chilli k188 price where to buy amazon how to get fidget spinner phone case mail forwarding 1grandtrunk The K188 Fidget Spinner is only available for sale in India, but you can get one no matter where you live by using a mail-forwarding service. Photo: Chilli International

While the Chilli K188 Fidget Spinner phone made its debut on Amazon and a number of other popular online retailers, unfortunately, it’s only available for purchase by a very limited group of consumers. According to FirstPost news site, Chilli International is, at least initially, specifically targeting India’s exploding cell phone market with its new Fidget Spinner phone.

“We see India as one the fastest growing market for cellphones with a second largest population in the world.” said Michael Feng, head of Chilli International sales during the product launch. “Since our first preview online, we have seen a high demand among customer for these new models…we are happy to extend our market share by launching in India.”

But what about the rest of the world? When asked if Chilli International had any intention of making the fidget spinner phone available for sale in other parts of the world, Feng replied that for this quarter at least, the company’s focus will be on the Indian market alone.

How To Buy A K188 Fidget Spinner Cell Phone No Matter Where You Live

fidget spinner phone chilli k188 price where to buy amazon how to get fidget spinner phone case You can use a mail-forwarding service like 1GrandTrunk to order a Fidget Spinner phone from India and have it shipped to you, wherever you live. Photo: 1GrandTrunk

Though you can’t order a K188 Fidget Spinner phone without a physical address in India, there is actually a workaround -- if you are willing to pay. On the internet, there are businesses known as mail-forwarding services. Shipito is a well-known service of this kind. Basically, these services give you a local address to use. You have your package shipped to that address and then they reship the package to you. Shipito is an American based company that allows people to order American product and have them shipped to other parts of the world. 1GrandTruck.com  is a similar service that allows shipping from India to other locations around the world. Once you’ve signed up for 1GrandTruck and gotten your personalized India address, just head over to Amazon.in and set up a new account using the India address given to you. Place your order and your Fidget Spinner Phone is on the way. Looking at the estimates for shipping the phone from India to the US, it’ll cost you about $20-30 bucks.

If and when the Chilli K188 releases worldwide, we’ll be sure to update this post. In the meantime, if you want to see how it works, be sure to check out Phone Radar’s unboxing video below.