“Final Fantasy 7 Remake” producer Yoshinori Kitase has just revealed more details about the game’s development. Apparently, the company’s development for the first episode of this remake will be a warm-up for the upcoming installments. Square Enix could reportedly make the next episodes faster.

Kitase explained, according to the official “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” Twitter, that Square Enix is focused on delivering a larger “Final Fantasy 7” world with its remake. The producer confirmed that each entry in the remake would be similar to a standalone “Final Fantasy” title release.

Kitase also shared that they have already been working on the second episode of the remake as they’re finishing the first one. Moreover, the producer is confident that the development for the second episode will be more efficient. However, Kitase opted not to reveal any specific details about their current progress with the second episode.

Lastly, “Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s" Kitase confirmed that the first episode takes place in the city of Midgar, and the team apparently chose to focus on this area to “represent the world of (Final Fantasy) VII” best. Many fans already expect that the remake would start in Midgar and not reach the part where Cloud and his friends continue their adventure outside the large town.

Noting the "efficient development" speed that Kitase mentioned in the interview, the first episode of "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" was revealed in 2015. The game has had at least some four to five years' worth of development.

Square Enix will definitely disappoint their fans if they're going to take longer to make the succeeding episodes of this title. Previously, "Final Fantasy 15" had problems in the latter chapters, and development difficulties were confirmed as the game closed in on its release date.

As of now, Square Enix has yet to confirm how many episodes will comprise this remake. As the producer confirmed that each “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” entry would be like a standalone "Final Fantasy" game, players would  have to spend at least 40 hours on average for a non-completionist run, according to the How Long To Beat site.

“Final Fantasy 7 Remake” will be released on March 3, 2020. But Kitase and the whole development team may already have some updates about the next episodes before the actual launch.