Fitch and Penn fight to a draw
The result may mean a rematch

The long-anticipated Fitch-Penn UFC fight in Sydney, Australia, turned out to be the fight that many people wanted, but the conclusion was what few wanted, ending with a unanimous draw.

A Fitch-Penn rematch now looks like it's on the horizon.

B.J. Penn appeared to have won the first round 10-9, while Jon Fitch appeared to win the second.

Penn appeared to surprise Fitch with his take downs. He also gave Fitch a cut in the match.

Fitch had a big third round, with a relentless series of short punches and elbows. However, many of the blows were not executed with much power.

Like other fights involving Fitch, it didn't make for a exciting match, but since it went three rounds, many UFC fans may say they got what they were looking for. Prior the fight, Fitch had only one loss in his last 21 fights.

After the fight, Penn said he should not have won the fight.

The result diminishes the chances for Penn to have a title fight.