In addition to detecting heat energy, Flir One allows consumers to “see” and measure minute variances in temperature. Flir Systems

Flir Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:FLIR), a Wilsonville, Oregon-based manufacturer of thermal-imaging equipment, on Tuesday launched a new infrared camera dubbed “Flir One.”

The device, which detects energy leaks at home while also allowing users to see in complete darkness through a phone's camera, can be snapped on to an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s like a protective case. Priced at $349.99, the Flir One will be available in the U.S. for pre-orders on the company website beginning Wednesday, and will hit Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) retail stores in August. In addition to detecting heat energy, Flir One allows users to “see” and measure even small changes in temperature.

“Flir One detects a broad range of temperatures and has a spot temperature measurement display,” the company said, in a statement. "Users can capture either photos or videos and share them via text, email, or social media through the Flir One app which will be available in the Apple App Store.”

The device detects energy leaks at home while also allowing users to see in complete darkness. Flir Systems

Weighing only 3.9 ounces, Flir One is said to be designed to mimic the iPhone's form factor. The device houses its own rechargeable battery, which can be used for up to two hours continuously, and is initially available in Space Gray, with Silver and Gold versions to be available soon.

According to Flir Systems, the company has received more than 35,000 consumer inquiries about the product and has more than 2,000 developers working on initial applications to cover “a broad array of personal and commercial uses,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

Although Flir One’s initial production run includes only several thousand units, the device’s production is likely to ramp up soon. With Apple expected to launch the iPhone 6 in September, a new version of Flir One could also be released within a few months of the unveiling of the next iPhone, the Journal reported, adding that a version suited for Android devices is set to be announced next year.

Here is what the company says about the product's compatibility with the latest smartphones:

I’m planning on upgrading to the iPhone 6 later this year. Will I still be able to use the FLIR ONE with the new phone? -- FLIR ONE has been designed to fit on the latest iPhone 5 and 5s models. It is unlikely that FLIR ONE will fit on subsequent models of the iPhone, assuming that they have a different form factor. The FLIR ONE will still be usable with your iPhone5/5s, even if the SIM card has been deactivated. FLIR will evaluate new mobile platforms as they become available to determine if they will be supported with future models of the FLIR ONE family.

Check out Flir One’s specifications below:

Flir One’s specifications. Flir Systems