• Floyd Mayweather gives Canelo Alvarez new nickname
  • Mayweather said only he can beat himself
  • Canelo once vowed different outcome should Mayweather rematch happens

Undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather revealed the nickname he gave his past opponent Canelo Alvarez and claimed that the only fighter who could beat him is himself.

In 2013, Canelo attempted to put an end on Mayweather’s flawless record. However, the Mexican superstar ended up losing via decision. Since then, “Money” has always boasted about his win claiming he schooled the young Canelo for 12 rounds. In fact, during a recent media scrum, the 43-year-old has mocked his former foe once again.

According to Mayweather, Canelo was too easy for him that he and team gave him the nickname “Ca-Lose-eO,” a moniker which is evidently intended to insult Canelo over his defeat.

“Canelo was so easy. We call him ‘Ca-Lose-eO’,” Mayweather boasted.

Mayweather continued to embarrass Canelo in front of his fans by asking one of his staff to demonstrate how Canelo tried so hard to hit him during their fight. As the staff threw some punches at him, Mayweather playfully dodged the punches while saying “who you gonn’ hit with that?”

Moments later, Mayweather told everybody, especially the kid fan who was about to have his photo taken with the champ “The only brother who can beat me is me. Me as well as my shadow. My shadow can beat me too.”

Many in boxing believe that Canelo has significantly improved after the Mayweather loss. Some are even convinced that the Mexican has developed into an extraordinary fighter ever since the said defeat and it even fueled him to become the champion he is today.

Shortly after beating Russia’s Sergey Covalev, Canelo was asked to address the previous reports claiming Mayweather is planning to move up for a possible rematch against him.

According to Canelo, Mayweather is still a “good” fighter but things are different now. And even though he didn’t confirm a rematch, the redhead boxing star emphasized that he’s already a different fighter.

“It’s different now. I’m different fighter. I think he’s good too but I’m a different fighter now,” Canelo emphasized.

Mayweather’s team on the other hand, has put an end to the Canelo rematch talks. Leonard Ellerbe of Mayweather promotions insisted a definitive “no” when asked about the possibility that the undefeated champ could be heading up another division to face Canelo at middleweight. Instead, the CEO dismissed any possible fights in the future and emphasized that his boss has proven himself to everybody already.

Floyd Mayweather Canelo Alvarez
A rematch with Canelo Alvarez might be Floyd Mayweather's best option in September. Reuters