Ford (F) has plans to layoff a total of 450 workers from its Oakville Assembly plant in Ontario, Canada, as it stops production of its Flex and Lincoln MKT crossover models.

The layoffs will not occur at the plant until early-2020, as Ford ends production of the Flex in late-November, Kelli Felker, a company spokesperson told CNBC. Ford is also discontinuing the production of its Lincoln MKT, which is built at the same plant on the same platform as the Flex, the news outlet said.

Ford said it is discontinuing the models as it looks to redesign or replace 75 percent of its vehicle lineup by the end of 2020 by turning its focus on truck and SUV models, including the all-electric Mustang-inspired SUV and all-electric F-150 pickup truck.

With the announcement that it was discontinuing the Flex, the automaker touted the vehicle, saying the seven-passenger crossover was “fun and fashionable.” The vehicle never met expectations for demand, but according to Ford, “gained a loyal following as a stylish roomy wagon blending sport/utility vehicle and minivan capability in a low-slung retro-inspired package.”

“Flex broke the mold. It had both crossover and minivan elements in a hip, trendy package that stood out from what was becoming a really boring minivan segment,” Chris Kessler, Ford Flex marketing manager said.

“Its design traced its roots to the traditional family station wagons that many of our customers remember growing up with, but it brought forward modern sport/utility design elements and features both parents and kids loved," he added.

The Flex, however, never caught on, selling only around 27,000 vehicles a year since its inception in 2008, CNBC reported.

Shares of Ford stock were down 1.20 percent as of 2:07 p.m. ET on Monday.

Ford Job Cuts Ford will cut thousands of jobs in Europe as well as close a plant in France as part of its global restructuring plan. An employee walks past a Ford logo in the yet-to-be-completed engine production line at a Ford factory on Jan. 13, 2015 in Dagenham, England. Photo: Getty Images/Carl Court