With Ford (F) expected to debut its all-electric F-150 pickup truck in the next few years, news about the EV is already starting to trickle in. Here’s everything we know about the electric truck to date.

Ford reportedly has fast-tracked production of the electric F-150, which is expected to follow the launch of its Mustang-inspired SUV. While no date for the unveiling of the truck has been announced, it is thought that it will arrive in 2021.

The truck, which has already been teased by Ford, should take on a similar appearance as the company’s traditional F-150s with the addition of a plug-in port and possibly higher riding height to fit the batteries under the cab, Inside EVs reported.

Ford announced that it was coming to market with the all-electric F-150 at the Detroit Auto Show this year. While no details were released about the truck at that time, Ford later introduced a video showing the power of the new F-150 pulling one million train cars, giving a hint as to what is to come for the truck.

The electrified truck is also expected to come with AWD and plenty of acceleration power as well as an over 300-mile driving range, the news outlet reported. With the Mustang-inspired SUV anticipated to offer at least a 300-mile driving range, it is expected that that F-150 will provide even more range.

Also, an unknown at this point is the price of the all-electric pickup truck. Guesses have placed the price tag at sub $100,000, but it is too early to speculate on the cost of the F-150 at this time.

Shares of Ford stock were down 1.09 percent as of 1:24 p.m. ET on Monday.

2015 Ford F-150 Lariat
This new F-150 is now the beneficiary of the 2000s GT's aluminum body. Ford has been able to cut up to 700 pounds from the previous model year's truck, resulting in better performance and fuel economy with a reasonable increase in MSRP. Nick Deel / International Business Times