Social media personality and former professional kickboxer, Andrew Tate, has responded to news of his indictment on charges of rape, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation of women in Romania. Prosecutors have seized his assets, including approximately 21 Bitcoin worth around $560,000, luxury cars, and buildings, among other items.

In a tweet, Tate expressed skepticism about the case's connection to his wealth: "I'm sure this case has absolutely nothing to do with stealing my wealth."

After the tweet gained traction through retweets, Tate issued a warning to men, stating, "Men, this isn't about me. This isn't about whether you like me or not. This is about all of us. Today it's me, tomorrow it's you. Nobody is safe from these lies."

Tate was arrested in Romania in December and has been under house arrest pending investigation.

However, in a press release issued by Romania's Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism on Tuesday, the social media personality has now been officially charged.

Alongside the indictment, Romanian prosecutors have requested the seizure of Tate's funds and assets, which include 15 luxury vehicles, 15 properties, several expensive watches, and 21 BTC.

"The indictment requested the confiscation of several movable and immovable assets (unavailable and seized): 15 lands and buildings located within the counties of Ilfov, Prahova, and Braşov, 15 luxury cars, 14 luxury watches, 2 ingots, and a medal, the social shares held within 4 commercial companies, the sums of 86,580 lei, 52,650 euros, 17,430 USD, and 10,370 pounds, and the sum of 21,080508 BTC, existing in cryptocurrency wallets (approximately 384,904,789 USD), as well as obliging the defendants to pay some advanced legal expenses of the state in the amount of 300,000 lei," the press release roughly translated using Google Translate read. However, the equivalent amount of Bitcoin is incorrect.

Besides Tate, his brother Tristan and a couple of other associates have also been indicted on the same charges. They stand accused of luring women into sex work by promising them marriage.

The women were allegedly subjected to constant surveillance, forced to create pornographic materials for online sharing, and even coerced into debt. In addition, the defendants were charged with two counts of rape in March 2022.

"While this news is undoubtedly predictable, we embrace the opportunity it presents to demonstrate their innocence and vindicate their reputation," said the Tate media team.

The press release did not disclose the specific charges against Tate and his co-defendants, but the seizure of assets suggests that the prosecution is investigating their financial activities.

The accused will face trial under house arrest while the legal proceedings continue.

A Romanian court ruled on Wednesday on a challenge filed by Andrew Tate