Multiple tornadoes tore through the Dallas Fort Worth area and northern Texas Wednesday night. Several sources report that at least six people are dead and hundreds more are injured. The National Weather Service estimates that at least 10 tornadoes touched down during the storm.

Several people caught the tornadoes during their formation and also the resulting aftermath. Take a look at the several perspectives from all over the north Texas area.

Lightning and thunder light up the sky as the storm moves into the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


A video captures one of the many tornadoes touching down in Milsap, Texas.


Another tornado touches down in the Granbury, Texas, area.


A tornado misses meteorologist Megan Salois' parents' neighborhood in Granbury, Texas.

Meteorologist Megan Salois

A tornado from a distance causes strong winds, damage and disturbing the water in Milsap, Texas.


A Fox Houston 26 news helicopter caught aerial video of the aftermath of the tornadoes.