#Forward: Republicans Mock New Obama 2012 Campaign Slogan on Twitter [VIDEO]
#Forward: Republicans Mock New Obama 2012 Campaign Slogan on Twitter [VIDEO] BarackObama.com

The Obama re-election campaign's new general election slogan, Forward, was trending worldwide on Twitter Monday morning, largely due to a social media push by Republicans to mock it.

Tweets about the phrase came after President Obama's YouTube channel released a new video that debuted the slogan, which Politico's Mike Allen compared to MSNBC's Lean Forward branding campaign, launched in October 2012, in his daily newsletter.

Forward was launched by a seven-minute campaign ad Monday morning summarizing the economic difficulties that Obama inherited on his inauguration and what he's done create jobs and reform government. Instead of losing jobs, we're gaining them. The first increase in manufacturing jobs in a decade, says the narrator.

The narrator details what Obama has done for the auto industry as well as reform Wall Street, health insurance and student loans. The killing of Osama bin Laden and bringing troops home from Iraq also gets major play in the ad.

Midway through, the video changes tone to paint the GOP as backwards. Instead of working together to lift America up, Republicans were waging a campaign to tear the president down, he says, showing pictures of Rush Limbaugh, Fox's Sean Hannity, Speaker John Boehner and other GOP lawmakers.

The Republican National Committee's Twitter handle started using the term Forward sarcastically in response to the commercial. Within an hour, several tweets criticized Obama's handling of the economy.

Other right-leaning social media users also mocked the term and pro-Obama voters supported it, leading it to be trending worldwide for 14 minutes along with Titanic II and I Hate Mondays.