Many including women rights activists have criticized the open letter by actress Catherine Deneuve and other eminent Frenchwomen about men being unfairly targeted in the post-Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo movement era.

However, there were some who agreed with the letter published in the French publication Le Monde on Tuesday, where Deneuve along with other writers, scholars, and artists argued that the "legitimate protest against sexual violence" stemming from the Weinstein scandal has gone too far and threatens hard-won sexual freedoms.

They said men should have the “freedom to importune" and advocated against "puritanism."

The open letter has met with backlash Wednesday.

According to a report in ABC News, calling it “a bit like the awkward work colleague or annoying uncle who doesn't understand what’s happening,” women activists came down hard on Deneuve and other signatories of the letter.

The backlash was led by Caroline De Haas, founder of women’s organization Osez Le Feminisme, who along with other activists responded with an open letter of their own.

According to the activists, those who signed the Le Monde open letter were making it out as if sexual violence was “normal.”

Haas in her letter on Franceinfotv wrote, “It’s not a difference of degrees between flirting and harassment, but a difference in nature. Violence isn’t heightened seduction,” reported the Deadline.

The French junior minister for women’s rights, Marlene Schiappa, said, “There are in this open letter some things that are deeply offensive and false,” reported the ABC News.

Author Colleen Doran said that Deneuve’s views would have been completely different if she were not rich and beautiful.

American actress Martha Plimpton reacted to the open letter in a series of tweets, saying it was not fair.

“It makes sense that something so historically 'normal' would be defended, if you'd lived through it & survived, you wouldn't want to feel like a fool, or a victim, and I feel that fury. I truly do. It's not fair.”

According to a report in BuzzFeed News, actress Asia Argento, who accused Weinstein of rape, wrote, “Catherine Deneuve and other French women tell the world how their interiorized misogyny has lobotomized them to the point of no return.”

However, there are others who though not fully agreeing to Deneuve, said she may have some valid points to make. Twitter user Leann wrote, “Seems to me the MeToo movement throws them all in one soup together, which is wrong.”

Twitter user with the name Deplorable Barbara wrote, “Catherine Deneuve is absolutely correct! Tired of all this BS! Feminist are out to destroy men!”

Author Peter Llyod also expressed opinion on similar lines.

User Jade Marisa wrote, “I support Catherine Deneuve's view on fake feminism and man witch hunt in Hollywood.”

Replying to Argento's tweet, another user of the social media channel, Jenny, wrote, “I do not believe she condones harassment or assault as acceptable. She does make a valid point about persecuting the accused by social media-its turning people off.”