Frontier Airlines has officially debuted its new GoWild! Pass which if used often, will offer subscribers unlimited flights for low prices.

The pass, which costs $599, allows customers to fly as much as they want domestically and to Puerto Rico throughout the year. The Pass will be available for $599 through Nov. 17, before going up to a price of $1,999.

Those who purchase the pass can use it on bookings beginning May 2, 2023.

"If you're thinking about traveling at least once a month, this makes sense for you. If you're willing to travel once a week, this is a no-brainer," Frontier CEO Barry Biffle told USA TODAY.

Biffle explained that the pass can work really well for people who work from home and have access to travel more.

"We're just seeing that work from home is enabling a whole new class of travel; that's what's driving a lot of this surge," Biffle told The Washington Post in an interview.

"And so, for those people that are the most flexible and could move around their dates, then we could reward them with an unlimited travel pass," he added.

The only catch is that bookings made with the pass must be made one day before take-off and seat availability will not be guaranteed. Users also cannot travel on blackout dates or use it during holiday periods.

The move comes following Frontier's biggest competitor Spirit Airlines being purchased by JetBlue which may affect business.