A kitten found covered in ice and frozen to the ground in Ohio is recovering. Named Frosty, the feline was found by a passerby on Route 57 in Elyria on Monday.

Dara Taylor of Elyria was on her way to work when she saw the kitten in what she thought was dirty ice. Once she plucked the kitten out of the snow, she brought him to the Friendship Animal Protective League, where he was later adopted.

“With the ice clung to him and the snow clung to him, I thought he was a chunk of ice in the road ’cause of his coloring, and it was total shock when I saw him move. As soon as I opened up my door, you could hear the meows, the forlorn little cries. I just cradled him in my arms and put him back in the van,” Taylor told Fox 8.

Taylor said the cat appeared to be covered in ice like it had been immersed in water. His eyes were glued shut and he did not fight her when he was picked up.

When Frosty arrived at the shelter, he couldn’t move. Soon after, he began to meow in a treatment room. While the kitten does not appear to have frostbite, initially he could not open his eyes. Then he was given antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection and began opening his eyes and eating. Greg Wiley from the Friendship APL says Frosty’s tail was frozen and may have to go.

“Since he has been here this morning, he’s already become more alert. His body temperature seems to be back to normal, and we’re really hopeful he’ll make a full recovery,” Shelley MacDonald from the Friendship APL said on Monday.

MacDonald said Frosty’s demeanor suggests it isn’t feral. It is possible Frosty, who is believed to be five to six months old, is a pet that got out and his owners are looking for him. On Thursday, Frosty’s foster mother, Nancy, will bring him to the veterinarian for a check-up.

The Friendship Animal Protective League has posted a photo of Frosty curled up in his foster mother’s arms that has more than 300 likes and dozens of comments.

“For this woman to stop and rescue this beautiful, freezing baby, is just truly humane and I hope only good things for her,” Rhea Monti commented. “I can imagine she must be proud of herself, but she's probably also (maybe not, but I would) wishing she had gone down that road earlier.”